Distribution territories: $120.00, $140.00, $160.00. Accumulation territories: $65.00, $45.00, $25.00.

Litecoin lost value against the US dollar this week. The cryptocurrency recently managed to rise in value, especially when a strong short bullish Japanese candlestick emerged on July 2.

LTC was driven northbound to around the distribution territory of $90.00 but later on, the market started moving in a range outlook until July 9. On July 10, a short bearish Japanese candlestick appeared and that led its price to about $75.00.

The price then went southward below the 14-day SMA as it has now been hovering around the horizontal line marked at $80.00. There is a notable gap between the two SMAs as the 50-day SMA is located above the 14-day SMA.

 The Stochastic Oscillators have crossed below range 40 but are now above range 20. This means it isn’t clear what direction the cryptocurrency will take. Read more from cryptoglobe.com…

thumbnail courtesy of cryptoglobe.com