When it comes to crypto mass adoption, all indicators are that Litecoin (LTC) will emerge at the top. In fact, up to this point, it is leading when it comes to businesses adopting crypto.

For instance, in Australia where the Brisbane international airport accepts crypto payments, Litecoin is leading in adoption. The same scenario replicates all across the world, pushed mainly by the #PaywithLitecoin campaign.

However, Litecoin (LTC) is about to get adopted at an even higher rate, all thanks to Zulu republic’s Lite.im. This is a project that aims to make Litecoin services accessible through SMS. Through this project, anyone with access to a mobile phone, can send and receive Litecoin anywhere in the world, through SMS. The best part about Lite.im is that one can send Litecoin to a mobile phone number, without having to key-in lengthy cryptographic addresses.

One of the implications of this project is that it will lead to wider inclusion of the world’s population into the global financial system. Research shows that only 33% of the global population has a smartphone, while more than 60% have access to a basic mobile phone.

That’s to say that all across the world, even the poor do have access to a basic phone. As such, by giving them the chance to transact in money via SMS, they will literally be getting banking services on their phones, services that they would never have access to, under conventional financial structures. Read more from cryptoglobalist.com…

thumbnail courtesy of cryptoglobalist.com