Well for starters, it will kill the volatility that has plagued the cryptocurrency market since inception. Volatility is the main reason why cryptocurrencies are yet to be adopted in the business world.

No one wants to accept a currency that can gain or lose 50% of its value overnight. For crying out loud, even an online gaming company refused crypto payments for this reason!

But this is about to change. Once Litepay comes up, you can rest assured that volatility will disappear from the market.

That’s because people will be able to instantly cash their cryptos for fiat through a debit/credit card, or use Litecoin to pay for goods and services. This will instantly kill the need for to hold cryptos for speculative purposes.

In short, cryptocurrency will get some aspect of mass utility that they never really had. Now that’s huge! Read more from cryptorecorder.com…

thumbnail courtesy of cryptorecorder.com