It’s no secret that most people invest in altcoins because of the stories of early investors of bitcoin. Like them, present-day investors want to buy a coin for cheap and become millionaires.

LTC is one currency that can actually make that happen for you. It is much like Bitcoin, only better.

It uses a proof-of-work algorithm but is ASIC resistant and allows both CPU and GPU miners. It is also much faster and scalable than Bitcoin.

Its network is as secure as Bitcoin’s, if not more. LTC fell from around $300 to just above $100 but is still better than others since it is stable.

It’s already moving upwards, so the time is ripe to buy and HODL litecoin (LTC). Abra is an app that allows users to trade fiat-crypto, crypt-fiat, and crypto-crypto pairs. Read more from…

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