Technically and if we can take a top-down approach, Litecoin is trending higher. However, given the events of yesterday where we saw gains clipped by as much as 10 percent down from 14 percent earlier this week,  Litecoin bulls stand on a shaky ground.

Because of this, it’s likely that prices may continue reversing July 2 gains and in that case I suggest take a wait and see approach. What a time to be alive.

Too much popcorn for decentralized currencies “poised to revolutionize the world”. At this rate, many are opting to have a time stamp receipt at their local grocery shop rather than using fast settling cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and even Bitcoin Cash.

Well, there are many reasons why. First, the declaration by Binance that they are creating a SAFU for their users following that API keys compromise that saw the price of SYS temporarily spike to 96 BTC is not a joke.

Even Charlie Lee picked it up and posted this new announcement to his followers meaning it’s a weighty issue and a joke to decentralization. — Doge Sun Tzu (@DanyF19015410) July 4, 2018 What that mean is that going forward, they will channel 10 percent of their trading fees to this fund as a safety net in case there is an attack leading to losses. Read more from…

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