-Bitcoin news, price, information & analysis Regardless, Charlie Lee Bitcoin shill and consequence resurgence isn’t affecting Litecoin (LTC) in any way. Yes, there were occasions-for example July 24 bull candlestick that solidified our expectations.

However, the fact that Litecoin (LTC) bull trails are going cold, it’s better to wait on the sidelines until after we see convincing gains above $90 in line with our previous Litecoin trade plans. There is nothing that fast tracks the success of any product-cryptocurrency or otherwise, than mass adoption.

It all has to do with the network effect and the velocity in which users find value in a product. In our case, the Litecoin Foundation and Charlie Lee have been successful on making Litecoin a household name.

In fact Litecoin is slowing becoming a perfect alternative for Bitcoin when it acts as a medium of exchange. As the outcome of their strong social media campaign shows, the Litecoin Foundation has managed to convince several high level businesses and merchants to accept LTC as one of the many payment method.

Straight from Cheap-Air to seven NASDAQ companies, LTC is undoubtedly finding a footing amongst merchants and it could even accelerate with development of Flexa. Flexa describes itself as a “one-tap” mobile payment app that allow users to execute micro-transactions without having to route their payments through banks or card providers. Read more from newsbtc.com…

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