Palwasha Saaim B.ScRead Full Bio Independent financial ratings firms Weiss Ratings has just released its cryptocurrency ratings for 74 of the top cryptocurrencies. It is the first time a ratings agency has graded cryptos.

As expected, the ratings have turned out to be largely underwhelming. Just to be clear, Weiss identifies cryptos with ratings of “A” and “B” as good investments.

Investors can interpret “A” and “B” grades as being equivalent to a “buy” rating. A “C” grade implies a fair investment and can be construed as being equivalent to a “hold” rating.

A “D” rating and anything below that is a “sell” signal. Here are a few takeaways from the Weiss cryptocurrency ratings report.

The man running the show, Martin Weiss, had pre-warned that the ratings would stir a controversy. He made good on that promise. Read more from…

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