From the vantage point of today’s price levels, Litecoin could be one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies on the market. The world’s fifth-largest coin is about to get a major boost in a few weeks with the launch of LitePay, the self-styled instant payment platform.

The LitePay payment processor will officially launch Feb. 26, according to the company’s official Twitter feed.

The system will enable retailers to accept LTC payments instantaneously, regardless of where their customers are located. Through a LitePay card, users can make payments to global merchants worldwide.

By launching LitePay, Litecoin is delivering a system whereby businesses can accept cryptocurrency without having to worry about slow transactions or price volatility. Litecoin founder Chaarlie Lee first announced the LitePay project before Christmas.

In a few weeks, customers will have the opportunity to use the new infrastructure to purchase products and services in U.S. dollars with a flat transaction fee. The infrastructure will also allow for a Litecoin wallet to be installed on mobile and desktop browsers, and for withdrawals to be carried out through VISA-friendly ATM machines. Read more from…

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