In the world of cryptocurrency, there’s bitcoin, and then there’s everyone else. That’s literally true: Any coin other than the $176 billion goliath is called an altcoin, or alternative coin.

No cryptocurrency is more willing to be a bitcoin alternative than litecoin, which former Google employee Charlie Lee created in 2011 to be an easier-to-use, more accessible version of bitcoin. If bitcoin is gold, then litecoin is silver.

If this were your typical cryptocurrency explainer, this is where we would start talking about the blockchain and market caps and hard forks and who even knows what. But nah, we’re not going to do that.

We want to tell you about Charlie Lee’s tweets. You see, there’s another difference between bitcoin and Litecoin.

Nobody actually knows who created bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the original paper explaining bitcoin, but that’s a pseudonym. Read more from…

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