It’s an overcast April day on the bank of the Danube River, and the Free Republic of Liberland is celebrating its third independence day. Supporters have gathered from all over the world to hang out on a fleet of boats, drink specially branded beer and wine, and chat about redrawing the world’s atlases in pursuit of a haven for cryptocurrency.

Vít Jedlička doesn’t exactly cut a revolutionary figure. While Washington is portrayed as a towering inferno, and Lenin as a steely thinker, Jedlička seems more like a friendly uncle you haven’t seen for a while: His speech is warm yet precise, and he maps out bold plans with the matter-of-factness of someone recounting their last trip to the supermarket.

“Our country is about pushing the borders of liberty to the maximum,” Jedlička tells Inverse. “To maximize the liberty and happiness of our citizens.” There’s just one problem, though.

In their pursuit of a dream to build a futuristic country that uses crypto and blockchains to power its governance, Liberland has chosen a patch of land in between Croatia and Serbia that it believes is not claimed by any country. Croatia vehemently disagrees.

Inside the two-deck S.S. Liberty, which is carrying 60 of the party’s 130 attendees, the 34-year-old founder rallies his people. Read more from…

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