MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) – Marietta College is partnering with a new service that could help protect its students both on and off campus. The college is working with Ripple Safety.

The service provides a small, personal safety wearable that connects to an app on a smartphone. When a user presses the button on the wearable once, the person will receive a call from the Ripple Safety team.

You can stay on the line until you feel comfortable in your surroundings. Ripple officials say this is ideal for situations that aren’t emergencies.

When the Ripple button is pressed three or more times, the Ripple team will follow the user’s “defined in-app instructions” and can immediately alert authorities of the user’s location and get the person help without the user saying a single word. This should be done in emergencies.

Marietta College Police Chief Jim Weaver says the service could help students both on campus and around the community. “If they’re in a true emergency it’s very simple to press the button multiple times and pressing that button multiple times gets them in touch in less than 30 seconds and as we all know in emergency situations time is of the essence,” Chief Weaver said. Read more from…

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