Most cryptocurrency users are familiar with the name Mark Karpeles. He is the former CEO of Mt.

Gox, the exchange which went bust several years ago due to a hack. It now seems Karpeles has given up all hope when it comes to Bitcoin, as he is no longer a believer in this cryptocurrency.

Even though Mark Karpeles is not the most popular person in the cryptocurrency industry, his opinions are still worth noting. While most people would rather see him incarcerated for the rest of his life due to the Mt.

Gox fiasco, it seems his involvement may have been somewhat limited after all. That is what he claims, at least, although we may never know the full truth in this regard.

What is rather interesting is that Karpeles sees no bright future for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He does acknowledge the underpinning technology – known as blockchain – is here to stay, but claims that cryptocurrencies themselves are unable to keep evolving. Read more from…

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