Give battle, crawl through dungeons, level up and roleplay your heroes – do it all on blockchain through tabletop RPG gameplay “Heroes of Ethereum”. Heroes of Ethereum is a new fantasy game based on Ethereum smart contracts with an engrossing hero generation system and brilliant visual design.

Ethereum-based games exploded all over the Internet at the end of last year. In the first week of its existence, the notorious CryptoKitties project sold $2.5 mln worth of its crypto assets and the total benefit cryprocats brought to their developers exceeded $23 mln.

CryptoKitties in itself was the next logical step in the development of the idea behind Rare Pepe Wallet, a blockchain platform released in 2016 and designed to sell trading cards depicting variations on the popular meme. Cryptocats were followed by cryptochickens, cryptoeggs, cryptostars and who knows what else.

One can even find a project selling sketches made in Microsoft Paint. They look like a toddler’s finger paintings, but there are plenty of buyers.

Collectively these products are known as cryptocollectibles. Each of them is a cryptographically unique and unmodifiable digital asset. Read more from…

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