To reach Enigma, the main base of one of the fastest growing businesses on the planet, you first have to fly to Reykjavik. Next, you drive along several roads until you reach a dirt track.

It is then a rough ride for a few miles until you arrive at three nondescript white warehouses. The warehouses are on a volcanic plane surrounded by what looks like a fenced-off building site with earthworks, Portakabins and stacks of building equipment.

Given the value of what’s inside the buildings, I’m surprised there is no sign of armed guards or any security. ‘Ha!

Don’t worry; they have seen us already,’ says Marco Streng, 28, the very charming founder and CEO of Genesis Mining, the company that owns the warehouses. Long before we reached the threshold of the Enigma plant, we were picked up by cameras and monitored by motion sensors.

‘This place is very sensitive,’ says Streng.  ‘People even look at Read more from…

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