Ripple’s XRP Accepted by Samsung Signals ‘None Security’ Today’s Impressive Gainers: Stellar (XLM), Ox (ZRX), DASH and Bitcoin Diamond Meet the 5 Crypto-Billionaires Listed on Fortune’s “40 under 40” Dash (DASH) Latest News and Future Price Predictions CEO of Xapo Predicted Bitcoin (BTC) Trajectory Years Ago The crypto business has proved to be highly lucrative for many people. The year 2017 brought with it an exponential increase in trading volume that led many to become millionaires almost overnight.

While it is true that many of these crypto-millionaires were early adopters who once invested in a technology that – although promising – was worthless, many gained their fortune through the active development and business investments that made cryptocurrencies the social phenomenon they represent for modern society. Fortune is one of the most prestigious publications in the world of finance.

Its rankings are used as a reference to see not only the level of success of various businesses but also the “financial intelligence” of the people behind these initiatives. Recently, one of Fortune’s most popular rankings was updated.

The “40 under 40” List of 2018 represents the 40 wealthiest millionaires in 2018 which are under 40 years old. Of these 40 billionaires, 5 have businesses directly linked to the world of crypto money.

Below is a brief profile of each: This successful businessman became famous after founding the social network Vkontakte with his brother Nikolai. Thanks to an aggressive campaign, VK was able to position itself as the social network par excellence in the Eurasian countries. Read more from…

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