Pascal Boyart is using QR codes to fuel his street art with Bitcoin donations We have come a long way since the times artists depended on the patronage of kings and queens for their financial stability. But while galleries and art dealers have mostly replaced this ancient system, a new breed of crowdfunded services like Patreon and Ulule are now lending even more fiscal independence to cash-strapped artists.

Despite this liberating disruption in the artist-patron dynamic, such services pose the same risk to the financial security of creatives as the old patronage system, the revised art dealership model capitalism brought, and the crowdsourced funding alternative facilitated by the recent technological boom. Namely, that the artists are in a chronic threat of having their streams of income severed – at the drop of a hat.

But thanks to blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies, creatives might have a new viable option to make ends meet without leaving their fiscal stability in the hands of profit-oriented dealers and corporations. Meet French street artist Pascal ‘PBOY’ Boyart.

Boyart recently attracted the attention of the cryptocurrency community after one of his pieces made its way to the top of the Bitcoin discussion board on Reddit. Indeed, numerous Redditors flocked to salute him for his witty use of QR codes as a way of funding his work with Bitcoin donations from inspired passers-by.

Influenced by the the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin, Boyart has made cryptocurrencies and decentralization a central theme in his work. In his paintings, Bitcoin becomes not only an integral part of the piece itself, but also the very method by which Boyart can profit from his creation. Read more from…

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