Most of the time when a person decides to head down the path less traveled, it usually ends in disaster. Yet there are times when a person perseveres and then prospers.

Such is the case of Erik Finman, the teenage Bitcoin millionaire. He’s only 19, but he’s parlayed his initial Bitcoin investment into millions of dollars.

Now he plans on building the “world’s best university” in the city of Dubai. The tale of the teenage Bitcoin millionaire is fascinating.  Grandma’s Gift Leads to Millions The tale of the teenage Bitcoin millionaire is fascinating.

Back when he was 12 (in 2011), his grandmother gave him a gift of $1,000. His brother Scott gave him a tip about getting into Bitcoin.

Back then, a single Bitcoin was only worth $12, so he bought as much as he could and then decided to hodl them. However, the story gets a lot more interesting. Read more from…

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