To find the answer to some of these concerns, and to learn more about cloud mining in general, we reached out to HashFlare’s head of public relations, Edgar Bers. Edgar Bers: Cloud mining is using hashing power to make calculations […] remotely.

Like you would do when you render something. You may buy a cloud service that uses video cards to render something, or when you create a website and you need a web server where you put the files where you use for your website, you store them somewhere remotely.

Cloud mining is kind of the same way. “For god’s sake, we are not an investment platform.” We don’t feel that HashFlare an investment platform.

You may consider it so because you put money in one end and get money out the other, but for us it’s just hosting a service. We host hardware, you purchase hashing power and you mine [with] it.

We don’t care what you mine, what you do, we legally just provide you with rent of equipment and that’s it for us. Many people say that cloud mining is a form of making profit and capital gain. Read more from…

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