Privacy Policy Jim Howard, the superintendent of Bonner School District, points to Spokane LLC’s bitcoin data center at the Bonner Mill in 2017. The plant emanates a loud humming from fans to cool the servers for the large network of computer servers in the building.

New or expanded cryptocurrency — or Bitcoin — mining operations could be limited in Missoula County under temporary emergency interim zoning that will be discussed during the commissioners’ June 14 meeting. On Monday, commissioners said they don’t know what action, if any, they’ll take on the measure.

But they hope that public comments made at the meeting will help chart a path forward amid concerns over noise, the amount of energy used by the cryptocurrency mining operations, and how that energy consumption could affect consumers. I want to hear the pros and cons,” Commissioner Cola Rowley said.

They’re worried it would limit expansion possibilities, and that it would regulate a particular type of business. “To be blunt, the potential for this interim zoning — they are significantly concerned with it,” Bowditch told the commissioners.

“They’re worried about the breadth and authority to regulate businesses through zoning.” Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, created in 2009, and is the most widely used. Mining involves using large blocks of computers to solve complex mathematical puzzles, and successful miners are paid in cryptocurrency and listed on digital public transaction ledgers. Read more from…

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