Innovation is not hard to come by in the cryptocurrency sector. Although most of these changes are taking place behind the scenes, community feedback also plays an integral role in the process.

One particular proposal to make Monero’s GUI client more user-friendly is attracting a fair amount of attention. Even though Monero has become a successful cryptocurrency in its own right, there are still many things which need to be improved prior to taking this cryptocurrency into the mainstream.

One of the more glaring issues is that the altcoin’s GUI wallet is still less than user-friendly at this stage. To be more specific, the process of using the Monero wallet for the first time needs to be made simpler.

Although this issue is not unique to Monero by any means, it seems this altcoin has often received a fair amount of criticism for its approach. Especially with so many newcomers having entered the cryptocurrency world as of late, making things a bit more user-friendly is always a smart idea.

One particular community-driven proposal related to Monero is well worth keeping an eye on. The proposal addresses the lengthy time associated with initially syncing the wallet to the XMR blockchain. Read more from…

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