Monero [XMR] & Tron [TRX] – The cryptocurrency market is riding the fence on red/green today. Currently, the total market cap is just over $333 billion.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that it would be acquiring GitHub and it caused quite a lot of drama within the crypto space. There doesn’t seem to be any big and breaking news this Tuesday morning.

Let’s take a closer look at two trending coins on the market today, and their recent updates. With yesterday’s announcement about GitHub, many developers are turning to a new software platform called GitLab.

With the new acquisition, many have begun to question what that means for the projects that actively use the GitHub platform. One of these projects includes Monero, the long-standing ‘anonymous’ cryptocurrency.

Bill Gates originally founded Microsoft back in the 1970s and has been vocal about his views of cryptocurrency in the past. Three months ago, the founder commented on crypto in a Reddit “Ask My Anything” and said: “The main feature of crypto currencies is their anonymity. Read more from…

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