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by Jamie Holmes Fork mania has arrived for the blockchain network Monero.

There are plans to fork and provide an airdrop for holders of the altcoin during early March, dubbed MoneroV. The cash grab could be a way to uncover the individual identities of those who use Monero if they fall into the trap.

Here, we outline the facts about MoneroV (XMV) and why you should cautiously consider claiming these coins. Furthermore, the launch of XMV produces adverse effects similar to the attack described in MRL-001 during September 2014.

The privacy of users may be compromised because, if their same address is on both the Monero and MoneroV blockchain, when they spend any transaction in any of those chains it will produce the same key image. A key image, in simple terms, allows the Monero network to confirm whether an output has been spent or not quickly.

Spending the same transaction on another chain means that the ring signature to that same key image will be visible, which will have the same output but different decoys. From there, you could deduce which input was the one that was spent, and hence uncover some of the privacy offered by Monero affecting one of the three parts of its privacy; ring signatures, which allow for transaction mixing. Read more from…

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