Long before Proof of Stake entered crypto consciousness, people were staking Proof of Work coins. In return for locking up a portion of tokens and running a masternode, you can earn verification rewards.

Earning a passive income while helping to secure a network sounds as comfortable as it does noble. The reality, however, is that most masternode coins are a scam.

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Dash is the altcoin credited with starting the craze for masternodes. Back when the coin was trading for under a dollar, the Proof of Work coin introduced a masternode system that called for staking 1,000 Dash.

The scheme proved hugely successful, both as a means of governing the network, and as an earner for individuals running a node, who were being handsomely compensated by the time the crypto market mooned in 2017. At its peak, it would have cost $1.5 million to purchase enough Dash to set up a masternode. Read more from news.bitcoin.com…

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