Nano (NANO) –Talking about Canoe Wallet, a cross-platform and open source wallet specially designed for Nano, it is easy to say the days of hacking is gone. The wallet is an effort of numerous developers who are working day and night to see that perfection is achieved.

Interestingly, Canoe Wallet supports 160 different currency conversions and tackles hacking since it is an effort of numerous developers. Canoe will soon include languages like Romanian, Bulgarian, China, Portuguese, among others, purposely to make it awesome.

As open source as it is, more than 120 contributors are helping on the translation of the wallet to over 38 languages. Nano (NANO) The Silent Crypto Making Loud Impact While crypto lovers have centred there focus on Bitcoin, Nano (NANO) is quietly impacting the crypto world.

Formerly known as RaiBlocks, Nano is a cryptocurrency that has a blockchain for every account and every transaction has its block. The architecture of the Nano network is called block-lattice.

This allows the network to process an infinite number of simultaneous transactions thereby providing unbounded scaling capacities. Nano’s team released the Nano Node version 14.0 on June 11, 2018. Read more from…

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