Not even the news of the BitGrail relaunch and the Binance reopening for deposits managed to lift XRB. NANO (XRB) can at least hope for a mend in prices.

While the asset boomed to phenomenal heights in December, the months after that were riddled with a series of glitches and troubles, pushing the price downward. XRB is one of the losing assets in a green wave of the past week.

XRB hovers around $6.83, with almost no change in the past days, consistently low trading volumes and a downward trend in the past days. It remains to be seen if XRB benefits from renewed deposits on Binance, or whether a new wave of selling brings the asset lower.

After the initial hype, XRB will have to fight and build its community over time, while the price stagnates. NANO is a niche asset and the addition to Binance did little for its performance, unlike other digital assets.

Currently, only 0.34% of Binance trading belongs to XRB pairings. We’re excited to announce $NANO deposits and withdrawals on @binance are open again. Read more from…

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