OpenBazaar is gearing up for an overhaul. Since startup OB1 launched in 2014 to develop a “bitcoin-powered” online market, the founders have focused almost exclusively on the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

But with the scaling debate still raging in some ways, OB1 co-founder Washington Sanchez took to Twitter recently to vent his frustrations about that course of action. “I personally wasted so much time in the bitcoin scaling civil war that I could have used designing [and] building dapps (decentralized applications) and opening up OpenBazaar to multiple currencies,” Sanchez wrote.

“Instead, we had to wait for fees in bitcoin to cripple any consumer usage before we woke up.” Strong words – especially in light of a number of developers working diligently on layer-two technologies, such as lightning network, which push transactions off-chain in an effort to scale for an ever-growing user base.

Still, it’s also become clear to OB1 that this user base not only wants in on the bitcoin markets, it wants to use other crypto asset to purchase on platforms like OpenBazaar’s peer-to-peer (P2P) network. While bitcoin remains the most widely used – with 11,000 listings of items to purchase with the cryptocurrency – other coins are making a mark for OpenBazaar’s 5,000 weekly users.

There are around 1,122 listings for items to buy with bitcoin cash, the cryptocurrency that forked off bitcoin in August 2017, plus a few dozen products being sold for privacy-oriented cryptocurrency zcash. And it seems today, the founders of OB1 are ready to open their minds and platform to a whole new world of altcoins. Read more from…

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