Omise, the popular blockchain-oriented company, recently signed a Memorandum of understanding with ETDA. This Thai government agency will collaborate with Omise on building a national eKYC portal.

It is the first venture of its kind to become available in Thailand. Both entities will focus on exchanging information, experience, and technical information.

This MoU was signed by both parties in Thailand earlier today. The new venture will primarily focus on coming up with new use cases for blockchain technology.

Digital identity solutions are of great interest to ETDA. Given the country’s focus on digital society and economy, the infrastructure will need to evolve sooner rather than later.

By partnering with Omise, a new digital identity authentication and verification platform will be built in the near future. Omise has built up a reputation as a company focus on computer programs. They also branched into the world of online payments through the OmiseGo venture. Read more from…

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