This week the CEO of Roger Ver sat down with the One Championship female mixed martial artist (MMA) Mei Yamaguchi from Japan to discuss her fighting career and the innovative technology we all love called bitcoin. Yamaguchi will be fighting on May 18th in Singapore against the Atomweight World Champion Angela Lee for the next One female MMA Championship in a match called ‘Unstoppable Dreams.’ is thrilled to announce that our website will be sponsoring Yamaguchi’s fight next weekend.

Also Read:  A Brief History of Hidden Messages in the Bitcoin Blockchain MMA fighting is an extremely popular sport these days and some of our own team members practice martial arts techniques like Jiu-Jitsu regularly. This week our CEO Roger Ver sat down in a video chat with the acclaimed championship female fighter Mei Yamaguchi to discuss her successful career, and introduced her to Bitcoin Cash for the first time.

During the video, Yamaguchi downloads her first BCH wallet and our CEO scans her wallet’s QR code and sends her $1,000 worth of bitcoin cash instantly. After being sent some BCH, Yamaguchi seemed pleasantly surprised to see how fast it took to receive the funds.

Upon getting her first BCH, Yamaguchi began to explain how she got started as a female MMA fighter and kickboxer. She started training in Los Angeles California when she was young, saying, “I always wanted to be like Jackie Chan.” I watched his movies and I wanted to do something like that so my parents took me to the fighting academy.

At nine years old I moved back to Japan and now I teach MMA. When I was learning Karate one of the instructors taught me Jiu Jitsu and I said this is pretty interesting — I found out Jiu Jitsu is wonderful. Read more from…

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