Bitcoin continues to attract a lot of attention all over the world. Whether or not it makes for a great investment remains to be determined by the masses.

Even though the initial Bitcoin craze has died down quite a bit, there are still plenty of Millennials who are showing an interest in the world’s leading cryptocurrency. In fact, it is expected that one in three members of this demographic will invest in any cryptocurrency by late 2018.

It is evident the recent Bitcoin price growth has attracted a lot of attention over the past year. With its value soaring to new heights, everyone wants to ensure they are on the Bitcoin train before it leaves the station.

At the same time, one has to acknowledge there may not be too many more Bitcoin price gains in the next few weeks and months, although anything can happen in the world of crypto. Most people will acknowledge this ecosystem is about so much more than Bitcoin, though, as the major altcoins have appreciated in value as well.

Thanks to the Millennials, things will get very interesting moving forward. Right now, around 5% of this demographic has already invested in various cryptocurrencies, which is a more-than-solid number already. Read more from…

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