It’s no secret that cryptocurrencies are significantly less enthralling than they were just four months ago. They are growing in usability and adoption, but their prices are relatively stagnant – especially compared to last year.

2017 was a glamouring campaign, but 2018 is a more muted growth period. At the time, few realized that an unexpected market drop just before Christmas would signal the beginning of the end for the nearly 12-month digital currency bull run that shook markets and transformed spurious observers into enthralled participants.

Since every crypto skeptic was enthusiastically looking for a bubble, this felt like the moment that crypto markets would suddenly diminish and ultimately dissolve. Of course, that never came to fruition.

Markets would recover from their December lull to reach all-time highs before dropping once again in January. However, no bubbles popped.

Instead, something far more surprising happened. Crypto markets slouched into an interminable holding pattern in which prices fluctuated considerably less than the previous year, and interest in digital currencies significantly decreased. Read more from…

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