A first-of-its kind conference gets underway in Seattle this morning, its organizers say. Hundreds of people are getting together to talk about blockchain.

If the term “blockchain” only brings Bitcoin to mind, then there is much more to say about this rising technology. Blockchain sounds like what it is: blocks of data encrypted and chained together.

In finance, this setup creates certainty and speed for money transfers. But unlike other financial transactions, blockchain doesn’t rely on centralized institutions like central banks.

The blocks of data are all over the place — across thousands of computers all over the world. And that’s given Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies their shadowy reputations.

But for now, blockchain is a technology that’s still too small and slow to take over the world. It could take another two years to grow blockchain’s capacity in order to be competitive with mainstream financial institutions, conference organizer Justin Wu said. Read more from kuow.org…

thumbnail courtesy of kuow.org