Plastiq has announced expanded offerings designed to help business customers pay nearly any bill: you can now make payments via ACH direct deposit and both domestic and international wire transfer with a credit vard via Plastiq. This is a nice addition if you do business and need to pay invoices via ACH or wire.

Plastiq gives a number of examples like paying for advertising with Facebook or buying wholesale goods from factories overseas. Being able to pay for those things easily via Plastiq could be very attractive for anyone with a small business and certainly for resellers who are sourcing wholesale overseas, especially if you pay with a card that outpaces the fee (keep in mind that Plastiq fees could potentially be a write-off for businesses).

For example, Greg noted a few months ago that newbie Ben had been receiving 3x on all Plastiq payments. I believe this should stack with the current Masterpass promotion, which is a great deal if you can make separate payments of $250.

Overall, this is a nice addition for Plastiq since it really expands the number of merchants that businesses can pay with the service and it certainly might make sense to do so if you are spending towards a minimum spend requirement and/or earning a currency that outpaces the fee. Quick Deal posts are intended to alert readers to deals big and small, with little or no analysis.

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