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Ronen Rabinovich from Cyberbit explains why malicious bitcoin mining malware is increasing on industrial control systems. On this week’s Threatpost Podcast show, we sit down with Ronen Rabinovich from Cyberbit to discuss bitcoin mining on operational technology and critical infrastructure networks.  Rabinovich talks about why the massive amount of computing power and lack of security and monitoring tools make operational technology environments enticing for cyber attackers looking to harness computing power.

Criminals have found a mischievous way to mine cryptocurrency. Security researcher Troy Mursch sounds off on why this tricky trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

Eddie Habibi, the CEO of industrial IoT security company PAS, sounds off on how to secure the increasingly connected industrial control space. The Emotet malware is back in full force in 2018 – and is now expanding its capabilities to act as a distributor of threats for other attack groups. Notify me when new comments are added. Read more from…

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