With all of the hard forks going on in the world of cryptocurrency, it is difficult for exchanges to keep tabs on things. It now seems most of the exchanges will not support the upcoming MoneroV hard fork.

For some people, this is anything but a surprise, whereas others see it as a form of censorship. Monero users are all too aware that there are numerous hard forks of this particular currency.

While there are very few coins which offer both privacy and anonymity features in a permanent fashion, it is evident Monero is the one currency to keep an eye on in this regard. As such, some coins are trying to ride its coattails to success, including the upcoming MoneroV hard fork.

While it remains to be seen how MoneroV will shape up compared to Monero itself and XMR’s future offspring, Poloniex has made its position on this altcoin clear. More specifically, the trading platform will not support the MoneroV fork, which is not much of a surprise.

For those unaware, this hard fork will occur when the Monero blockchain reaches block height 1,564,965. This should occur on Monday, if everything goes according to plan. Read more from themerkle.com…

thumbnail courtesy of themerkle.com