There is a tribal nature to the following of cryptocurrencies which makes it difficult for an individual or a group to do a fair assessment on a particular coin. To make this appraisal more objective, someone spent a rather great deal of time and effort curating all of the information presented on this google sheet titled, “Privacy Coin Matrix” – and is currently trending and doing rounds on the Internet for how much information it gives.

Here is the top privacy-focused cryptocurrency coins they examine: The Google spreadsheet points out the differences between different cryptos. Not only does the sheet evaluate popular blockchain networks like bitcoin, ether, monero, and dash, but also lesser known projects like phore, sumokoin, and zoin.

The extremely comprehensive list collates assorted aspects as coin supply, algorithms, and other variables. There were many facts that surfaced just by taking a glance at the sheet.

In the ‘Privacy’ section, for example, you quickly see that most of the coins have no cryptographic privacy. Another interesting trend is the distribution in many of the coins; 25 percent of the coins have 70-80 percent of their supply owned by the top 100 addresses.

This is ironic in the sense that the ownership of cryptocurrency at the end resembles the wealth inequality of fiat currencies. Scalability is another factor paid close attention to. Read more from…

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