During CES 2018, Kodak has plans to introduce its own cryptocurrency (KodakCoin) and establish a Bitcoin Mining Scheme (KashMiner) with the intention to share lucrative income with its customers. Introducing the cryptocurrency isn’t a terrible idea.

It implements blockchain technology to solve the authentic topics. However, establishing KashMiner is the clear indication of a scam.

Here’s are the drawback of the KashMiners and why everyone needs to dodge it. Basically, Kodak is asking you to fund $3,400 as an initial investment in order to buy a Bitcoin mining rig.

Spotlite is certifying the Kodak for this business. The company valued that people can earn $375 per month i.e.

a total of $9000 for the period of two years. But, this is the major reason for the failure of the complete scheme. Read more from coinpedia.org…

thumbnail courtesy of coinpedia.org