Reacting to the news that Coinbase account holders had been mistakenly overcharged (in some cases, thousands of dollars), one individual took to Reddit to suggest a troubling solution: Show up at the cryptocurrency exchange’s San Francisco headquarters with guns.  And he was met with at least some support.  “Anyone want to show up at the Coinbase headquarters with guns and hold them at gun point until they refund us,” asked the redditor under the name bombodail. “I think that might be the only way to get the money back.”

SEE ALSO: Even Coinbase thinks you should maybe chill for a goddamn minute on Bitcoin Other users quickly jumped in, saying they knew the comment was a joke, but that it wasn’t funny — especially in light of Wednesday’s school shooting in Florida. That’s when the Reddit user bombodail clarified that he or she was not, in fact, joking.  “I’m kinda serious though,” the person replied.

“I’m sure that if their lives were on the line, the idiots at Coinbase would get their act together pretty quickly.” And it didn’t stop there.

When asked, “How are you this fucking stupid,” the user responded that there wasn’t nothing stupid about the threat.  “How is it stupid,” the Reddit user asked. “Coinbase stole our money, I should have the right to take it back by force if necessary.”

Even more troubling was the fact that at least one Redditor seemed to be on the same page. “Let’s go,” another person wrote.  To which Reddit user bombodail replied with a disturbing level of enthusiasm. “I’m down, I just need to figure out how to get enough money for a ticket to SF, and a gun once I get there. Read more from…

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