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by Liam Kelly Identifying killer use cases for any nascent technology is often the final bridge before mass adoption.

Bitcoin, for instance, has already revealed itself as an excellent store of value especially in cases of massive inflation. Similarly, Ethereum, programmable money, and smart contracts also imply an interesting future for collectibles, insurance policies, and fundraising.

To learn a bit more about yet another use case, BTCManager recently caught up with Thomas Vanderstraeten, founder of Cryptizens, and discussed his next venture; a sixty kilometer ‘Crypto Run’ around Brussels, Belgium. On May 20, 2018, Vanderstraeten is looking to garner attention for a non-profit organization in Brussels called BeCode.

He will run 60 kilometers in one go, following the rich green belt that surrounds the Belgian city in hopes of gathering roughly €5,000 (~$6,000), or the cost of putting one student through the six-month web-development course at BeCode. More importantly, he’ll be leveraging Ethereum’s smart contract capacities to test its strengths in the philanthropic sector.

“So, I guess we’re looking to raise 15 ETH, but hopefully the market swings up,” Vanderstraeten explained to BTCManager in a Skype interview. Next to blockchain projects, the runner and coder does also have a background in social entrepreneurship. Read more from…

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