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While some are anonymous, most are pseudonymous, free of central authority and most importantly thriving in an environment of self-regulation with no specific point of control. To keep it simple, cryptocurrencies are meant to be unregulated and communal with every node participating in issuing and validating transactions.

Uniquely though, Ripple the company took a different approach. As a software company keen on providing ample infrastructure for banks and companies willing to leverage on their cost cutting technologies as xCurrent and xRapid, Ripple have been in the forefront advocating for blockchain supporting regulations.

As a matter of fact, they were amongst the very first blockchain start up to acquire the Bit License in New York.  Keep Up With Blockchain Technology Updates and Ripple XRP Coin News & Price Analysis. We value your privacy and will never share your information with anyone.

It’s in this vein that in a recent interview with Fox Business, Cory Johnson who is the chief marketing strategist is literally “thrilled” by the renewed efforts by different government officials to implement streamlining regulation within this developing sector. In his view, this could work for Ripple and perhaps fill the grey space left by non-regulation now that the US is falling behind and experiencing difficulties in devising proper rules pertaining cryptocurrencies. Read more from…

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