After a significant dip in Bitcoin price last week and over the weekend, several cryptocurrencies are on the rise. Notably XRP, the coin for Ripple, saw a 50% rise in value one day, then a fall by around 6% the next.

Ripple saw a 70+ percent recovery from the lowest price in several weeks at $0.897 (according to CoinMarketCap.) Meanwhile Stellar XLM grew 53-percent from January 17th to the 18th, then down 8% from yesterday to today. Back on January 11th, Stellar validators voted to lower the base reserve to 0.5 XLM on the network.

This made “the cost of creating accounts and order inexpensive again.” That’s good news for everybody – especially those in the cryptocoin market with interest only in the results of news, not necessarily the news itself. It was back on January 2nd that the Mobius Network announced they’d be the first major ICO “built and announced on” Stellar.

Stellar is building their network as an Ethereum-killer, instead of trying to kick the king off of the hill. Sneaking up from behind – that’s the way to win this volatile battlescape.

Ripple, for those that do not know, uses the tagline “Money could move like email.” They profess to be a “free, open-source network that lets anyone build low-cost financial products for their community.” They’re aiming to be the international money transfer highway of the future. As for Bitcoin: The only way is up if the USCInvestment group has anything to say about it. Read more from…

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