Having been voted among the ten highest performing digital coins last year, Ripple (XRP) is poised to continue extending its tentacles in the new markets by gaining 5 new customers. Ripple has added two Banking institutions and three currency processor service providers of repute who are embracing blockchain technology to give their users near low cost transactions.

These new customers are drawn from Canada, Brazil, India and China.  Zip Remit is a Canadian based money processor service provider that originated in East Africa. Itaú Unibancois another bank in the Brazilian private sectors that has come onboard Ripple.

It is known to have a say in the Brazilian financial front and the biggest in of market cap. From the Indian subcontinent Ripple (XRP) has brought onboard IndusInd, a leader in the Indian banking sector.

They have also brought Beetech to the network. This is an online money transfer and exchange platform that was recently approved by the central bank of Brazil.

Another remittance service provider giant is InstaRem based in Singapore which has grown is subscriber base to 20,000 within a span of less than 18 months. Most interestingly, Chinas’ LianLian International that has stakes in booth Apple and PayPal is also a recent Ripple’s partner. Read more from stocksgazette.com…

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