When it comes to banking, consumers do not look at how the prestigious the institution is; they first analyze the cost of transaction before anything else. With the increased penetration of blockchain technology into the banking sector, the cost issue has become the center stage and that’s where Ripple (XRP) is beating other players hands down.

Banks have been used for decades as the only means of sending money abroad and due to lack of competition; the consumer has been subjected to myriad of hidden costs making the entire process out of reach for the ordinary customer. These costs are about to come down drastically thanks to Ripple digital coin, XRP.

The transaction fee, speed, dependability and traceability are some of the traits that have excited BBVA and this could means a lot to XRP. It opens new markers in the Spanish market where BBVA Compass Banking is a major player.

The coin will ride on banks network to spread its wing beyond Spain into the Latin America, Mexico and the larger European community.  Ripple XRP Popularity in the Market Banks are known to inflate transaction costs to cover for their operations and make profits that go to stake and shareholders.  If you have been using banking services and cryptos and fiat, you will realize digital coins are a better deal.

Ripple XRP leads the pack. The platform has more benefits than your local bank. Read more from cryptorecorder.com…

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