Investors and regulators are worried by some features of Ripple’s XRP. This obviously does not mean that it has been or will be classed as a security by the SEC, but it’s still under investigation.

There’s been a lot of speculation around the coin especially since it got hit by a lawsuit to determine its future status. SEC’s William Hinman believes that classifying XRP is not that easy.

He says that a security is an investment vehicle for buyers with specific expectations and if they expect the coin to raise its value, it can then be considered to be a security. On the other hand, this concept would apply to all cryptos, tokens, and assets in today’s market.

Regarding Bitcoin, no central entity can determine the future of the project and Ethereum is also similarly decentralized. As we said, both of them have been investigated y the SEC, and the conclusion was that they’re not securities.

Ripple’s XRP is entirely controlled by a centralized entity in various ways. This will change in the future, but the project remains centralized. Read more from…

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