Ripple (XRP) and TRON (TRX) enthusiasts have been kept in suspense for a long time on the issue of Coinbase listing.  The hopes keep getting stronger every day.

Getting Coinbase listing nod or any other exchange of repute creates investor confidence and a run up to being accepted globally. Any coin or token that gets Coinbase nod is seen as an instant hit in the crypto-sphere.

Speculation of these two digital coin market players continues to hit the headlines and it is time we looked at which gets listed on Coinbase first and reasons behind it. Coinbase is a global outfit and is a brand that has stood the test of the time.

It has the mass confidence, trusted. More importantly, Coinbase is a volume mover and at the same time focuses on the profit segment.

Like any other business, both parties should come together for a profitable venture. Coinbase is looking at the future potential of individual coin and token. Read more from…

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