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Required fields are marked Supporters of conspirology and conspiracy theory claim that the Bitcoin is forever. Or, it will exist for at least next 50 or 100 years.

Their main argument is that this digital currency is the brainchild of the US Federal Reserve System and some other American intelligence services, created to control absolutely (!) all world financial flows. Recall that at the dawn of its creation, in 2008-2010, the Bitcoin was an unnecessary toy and was rated at $1-2 for a whole thousand coins.

And then something happens in spring 2011 The BTC father, mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto disappears from this project, he is gone forever. Along with him, another key figure departs: Jed McCaleb, the owner of the mtgox.com crypto-exchange, where they tried to quote the Bitcoin. Read more from ambcrypto.com…

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