Ripple has flooded the news over the past few months. The team have a lot to offer and XRP seems to be driving the entire system forward into a more easily accessible world of cryptocurrency integration.

As a result of the vast amounts of news, you can be forgiven for forgetting exactly where Ripple stands at the moment, so, let us rehash the news back out to you, in order to make sure everybody is at the same point, in time for any potential Ripple boom that could occur. As discussed by Thinking Crypto, Ripple are working with 40-50 central banks internationally.

This is something we have reported on recently. This is not a rumour, it is a statement from a Ripple spokesperson as the Bangkok Fintech Fair.

This is a huge part in Ripple’s story as once they have the central banks onboard, Ripple can divide and conquer the smaller entities. Integration with Cobalt within Ripples networks will improve the already impressive transaction time for transactions within Ripple.

The XRP ledger will become more decentralised than both Bitcoin and Ethereum, this news again comes directly from Ripples own media channels. Ripple is often referred to as a centralised currency, this is something Ripple aim to stamp out by ensuring their decentralisation quality is higher than that of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Read more from…

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