The Most Important Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News By Carlos Terenzi
in Cryptocurrency News Home April 7, 2018 Different venture companies are starting to place their investments in cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-related businesses. It seems that Venrock, Rockefeller’s family venture capital firm, has started to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Rockefeller’s venture capital firm has an impressive amount of money available ready to invest it in cryptocurrencies. Indeed, it is managing over three billion dollars.

The company started to operate in 1969 with just one-million-dollar capitalization. Now is one of the most important and recognized Venture firms all over the world.   Venrock could be improving several crypto enterprises that are searching for financial support.

Indeed, the venture company was able to find very successful start-ups during its history. Indeed, they have invested in Intel and Apple before they were the companies that they are now.

The venture firm has partnered with CoinFund, an important cryptocurrency investor group. The main intention is to help businesses build projects on blockchain technology. Read more from…

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