Stylometry is the study of linguistic style, generally with a view to identifying its author. In the absence of any other meaningful metrics, it’s become the primary means of analyzing the veracity of new writings purporting to be the work of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Last week, armchair stylometrists were given a trove of material to sift through after someone purporting to be bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator released a 21-page retrospective. Also read: Mainstream Media Believes Satoshi Nakamoto is Back Anyone can claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto, but convincing the crypto community of such is a tall order.

Short of signing a message with the key from the genesis block, no one claiming to be Satoshi will ever convince everyone. Produce a suitably compelling new piece of work, however, and you’ll at the very least set tongues wagging and crypto Twitter foaming – if only to debunk the latest arriviste to claim Satoshi’s vacated throne.

As reported yesterday, the latest Satoshi is almost certain to be as fake as every other chancer that’s emerged since the original upped and left. When bitcoin’s price action isn’t generating much attention, however, playing armchair detective with Satoshi claimants provides an entertaining way of passing the time while raising the bar for all subsequent Satoshis to meet.

For those who study their stylometry, Duality, which purports to be the beginnings of Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoin tell-all, does not read remotely like the known writings of Satoshi. A lot of these tells – the single spacing; the Americanized spelling – can be explained away, and indeed are explained away in the document at the center of the debate. Read more from…

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