Amazon fires back at Seattle’s proposed head tax, pauses construction projects He said for better or worse, Amazon’s presence has boosted his businesses. “This city is getting into shambles,” said Meinert.

“It’s a horrible time in the city. We should be embarrassed and the city council should be embarrassed at the way they’re running this city.”

The Downtown Business Association said if Amazon pauses its growth, the ripple effect will be felt far and wide, from construction workers to restaurants to hotels. Meinert said Amazon is not the only business now considering other locations.

“This tax is clearly meant to punish business,” said Meinert. “I have a lot of fantastic Amazon customers, there’s people moving to the city and we want that growth.

We don’t want to be back in an era when Boeing left Seattle.” The proposed “head tax” would apply to about 585 businesses, but Amazon is the biggest with more than 45,000 workers in Seattle. Read more from…

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