-Bitcoin news, price, information & analysis Besides Tron which is nose diving after prices broke below 5.5 cents main support, IOTA and Stellar Lumens are strong buy candidates. IOTA did get a boost with DNB ASA MoU while Stellar is technically a buy with no strong fundamentals to back it.

EOS on the other hand will prove their assertions today with their mainnet launch. We anticipate bullish pressure but should they collapse below $10 then it’s time to sell from Sunday on-wards.

EOS Daily Chart by Trading View It’s a day to EOS mainnet launch and while we want to see concrete preparations like announcements of official wallets and things like those, Block One is busy moving ETH. Solid data shows that within 24 hours before an important event, EOS did move about 200,000 ETH to a BitFinex account via their OTC desk.

This effectively upped EOSIO ETH expenditure this month to a whopping 1.75 million ETH. That’s up from 1.25 million month over month meaning that they have effectively drained their crowd funding smart contract account.

Their yearlong ICO came to a close yesterday and all focus is today’s mainnet launch that shall test the resilience of EOSIO and Dan Larimer. Our EOS trade plan remains the same as yesterday’s because of the slow movement in price action. Read more from newsbtc.com…

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